miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2018

Some thoughts about Moon Knight #195

Can Moon Knight defeat yet another cult?

The Collective has been gathering new members for their group, no matter if they want it or not and Marc could be the next.

Some thoughts about The Terrifics #4

What is awaiting Phantom Girl in her planet?

Mister Terrific has promised to help his whole team and the first thing that he's going to do is taking back Lynnia to her home but things could be way different than she expected.

Some thoughts about The Silencer #5

The Silencer's normal life is coming to an end.

Hope believes she was betrayed by Talia and now is going to put an end all of this but what they don't know is that both are being manipulated.

Some thoughts about Mera: Queen of Atlantis #4

Can Mera escape her past?

Mera has finally returned to Xebel and she will need to confront her old family which don't have the best intentions for this war and her.

Some thoughts about Super Sons #16

Are the Super Sons over?

The Justice League has been captured by Kid Amazo and now is up to both Jon and Damian to find a way to save them before is too late.

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #47

The Dark Gods are coming.

Supergirl is being mind-controlled by Diana's new adversaries and is decided to destroy her unless Jason is able to help.

Some thoughts about Justice League: No Justice #3

The Justice League might not be enough.

Around the universe, the different teams of heroes trying to protect the people and their planets but the attack of the Omega Titans are making this impossible.

Some thoughts about Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps #45

The Green Lantern Corps will need extra help to defeat the Darkstars.

Hal and his team are going to recruit some of their most powerful enemies to face their new rivals but what they don't know is that the Darkstars are doing the same.

Some thoughts about The Flash #47

Who is going to take The Flash family to war?

The Renegades are coming from the future to arrest Iris West but nobody realizes that this might be a much more powerful person behind these orders.