Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Some thoughts about Supergirl: Being Super #3

Has Supergirl found someone like her?

Kara is still dealing with the death of her friend and in her grief she might find hope in the most unexpected and dangerous places.

Some thoughts about Blue Beetle #8

Can Jaime still be a hero without his powers?

The scarab has suddenly left Jaime and he doesn't know what to do. However, once that his mother is in danger he will have to find a way to save her scarab or not.

Some thoughts about Optimus Prime #6

Optimus Prime will have to realize what needs to be done to end the war.

The Junkions are trying to take over Earth and is forcing everyone to fight but Optimus believes that there must be other way.

Some thoughts about Batgirl #10

Batgirl will soon realize that her love life is more dangerous she imagined.

After a quick visit to The Penguin, Barbara has just learned who is the culprit of the recent crimes and she will have to stop him before is too late.